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Commercial-Scale Wind Systems

Site Analysis for Electrical Power Generation from
Garner Energy Wind Turbine System

Discover if your site is suitable for producing electricity from wind. You no longer have to  go to the expense and time of hiring  a wind expert to determine if your site is ideal for wind power! 

Garner Energy’s proprietary site analysis tool is designed specifically for Garner wind turbine systems and provides you with a quick analysis of the potential savings and wind power available to the Garner Wind Turbine System at your building.

Share your location and current energy costs and Garner will send you a complimentary initial assessment that includes:

  1. Potential yearly kilowatt production

  2. Estimated yearly electrical cost savings 

  3. CO2 reduction in metric tons 

  4. Estimated Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for your commercial building.

We cannot put a price on the value to the environment, your companies brand or public perception! But we are working on it!