Garner Energy designs and manufactures patent-pending, commercial-scale wind turbines for urban and suburban commercial building, oil rigs, remote areas, residential and mobile applications. Our proprietary site analysis can effectively determine the power available and its economic impact at your particular site. Economic impact includes distributed power generation, income stream capitalization, tax savings, LEED benefits, intrinsic value and carbon offset to name a few. Our wind power systems are fully scalable and are customized to virtually any new or existing structure.

Site plays a major role in the performance of our turbines.
All turbines are not created equal. The typical installation attempts to catch wind from all directions and uses average wind speeds to estimate their output potential. Our focus is the distribution of the available winds. Two sites can have the same average wind speeds but produce vastly different power densities. The lower end of the wind distribution does not produce any practical wind energy, however the upper end produces significant energy—in a cubic relationship to the increase in wind speed. For every doubling of wind speed, there is an eight-fold increase in wind energy available. We concentrate on buildings in urban locations with more occurrences of higher winds in the distribution profile. The ideal wind distribution shape will determine the proper mounting locations for optimal performance.

For more information about our revolutionary renewable energy systems:

Find Federal, State and Local incentives that apply to your specific location.

Lock in a low fixed electric rate

Gain LEED points

Attract new customers by enhancing your renewable energy statement with branding and visibility

Produce distributed power (point of use) which is equivalent to 2.7 times the electric utility power it replaces

Our 30kW turbine can save approximately 118 metric
tons of CO2 per year
(22 cars off the road)

(42 acres of trees planted)

No detectable vibration

Quieter than the wind

Design and proper placement of turbine significantly minimizes wind turbulence which is the culprit of inefficiencies

Built to last 30+years

Durable and Safe (designed to withstand storm winds of 120+ mph)

Minimal preventive maintenance

Scalable and flexible designs accommodate urban buildings, oil rigs, remote, residential and mobile applications

Adaptable to both existing and new building designs

Components are modular, taking advantage of improved technologies

Commercial-Scale Wind Systems for Buildings

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Commercial-Scale Wind Systems